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Meet Jenny

16 years and counting. Jenny has owned and evolved her business for 9 years.  Her greatest passion is being an Educator, developing leaders and building incredible hairstylists.  Jenny Specializes in Haircutting, Hair Extensions, Hair color both lived in and blondes.  Jenny's mission as a hairstylist is to build long lasting relationships with her guests.  Her Core Values always help her stay aligned in order to provide exceptional services to her guests.  Respect, Individuality, Fun, Great Customer Care, Collaboration to achieve your goals and maintenance, and Integrity are the most important Core Values behind her chair.  Those are just some of the things to expect from her when you sit in her chair.  Jenny has built her demand through the years and it is always recommended to book your appointments at least 3-4 months ahead of time, as she books out 16 weeks ahead consistently.  To reserve your appointment with Jenny Click below to  explore her service menu. 

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