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Salon Owner Coaching




Initial Day : 1 Day

About the Course

Salon Owner Training:

One day 

With Bootcamp training for your Assistants comes Owner Training.  This will help you know how to continue to carry out your Assistant training and develop incredible hairstylists in your salon.  Your training begins with a Shadow day at my Salon, Lunch will be provided.  In this day you will experience the standard and the flow of what a Shadow day would be going forward in your Salon.

stylist shadows me as I work on my clients on a regular day

- you’ll get to see a variety of services from my specialty highlighting, advanced dry cutting techniques and sometimes extension installs.  

- listen in on my advanced consultations, ask questions as I work, (I always explain everything that I’m doing, why I’m placing foils a specific way, and everything in between)

- you’ll learn my techniques in Advanced Consultations and how Pre-booking and retail is a side effect of the journey and experience you create for your guest. 

- how to audit your book to add value to your guest 

- Q & A after the day is done to download the day and where you go from here.

- This one day will also include a follow up call end of month to download the month and begin the monthly Coaching calls specific to work and target your needs.

  • COST of Initial start of your training: $ 1200. Split payment available.

  • Every month after that will be $350. 

  • Suggested time frame for coaching is 6 months to 1 year.  This will help you fully develop your Core Values, your Standard at your salon, your non-negotiables,  how to hold your team and yourself accountable, build out career paths for yourself and your team, develop their core values behind the chair so that they can eventually curate their books so they are doing services they really want to focus on, and MORE!!! 

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