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Ib™️ No Show & Beaded Method




1 Day

About the Course

With 16yrs experience in ALL extension methods I have combined the best of both worlds using the Beaded and sewing methods. In this class, you will be equipped to apply hair extensions to create a luscious look of volume and length, as well as knowing techniques to color match and add a balayage effect for those guests who really need to maintain the integrity of their hair.

In this hands on class, you will be trained and equipped to know:

  • The difference between Handtied Wefts and the method.

  • How to determine which to use and how to apply each weft.

  • The perfect Consultation and having an open line of communication with your guest. Are they a good candidate?!

  • Determine the perfect application method according to your guest hair type.

  • What is traction alopecia and how to prevent it.

  • Properly securing the corners

  • Proper installation of Handtied wefts and Genius Wefts using the no show beaded method. Let's keep your client headache free!

  • Reviewing color Extensions do's/don't

  • A few more tips and tricks Jenny has made a staple with her installs in customization.

  • Cost includes full installation kits, 4 wefts, workbook, access to FB private group or WhatsApp to receive update videos.

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